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This collection of 12 pieces is available in high resolution* to print with the only technique accepted by museums from all around the world. For more information about the high resolution printing technique and how to get one of these exclusive pieces, click on the image you wish.

* All of them can be printed at a maximum size of 160 x 100 centimeters.

Legend has it that Nordic invaders of blue eyes came to the villages of ancient Anatolia and it was then when their inhabitants created the Nazar amulet...
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Enormous tidal pulls crowd gasses around a black hole while attracting them, and it is when they reach a point where they cross a virtual line known as "Event...
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Bubbling waters, dangerous currents and islands that appear from nowhere produced by the intense volcanic activity. All of this plus the giant...
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The String theory mentions a particle called graviton, a hypothetical elementary unit that mediates the force of gravitation in the framework of...
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The solar corona is composed of the flowing plasma that goes to the exterior; it is the Sun's magnetic field the one that tries to retain it by making those...
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I have this hobby since I was a little boy- mineral collecting. One of my latest findings are some hematite pips that I found in Cabárceno (Cantabria). It is...
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Nacre is considered an organic mineral because it contains crystals with the same chemical composition that aragonite, joined by the organic...
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Legend has it that a cook from ancient China discovered a mixture of sulphur, saltpetre, and coal which was highly inflammable and able to explode. This...
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Particle accelerators have revealed a richer subatomic world than previously believed. That is, when colliding two protons close to light speed, their...
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Orchids are fascinating due to their adaptation abilities, especially what refers to deception methods in order to be pollinated by specific insects- these...
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Beetlejuice is a very well known film, but for those who don't remember, it tells the story of a character who lived in the "Neitherworld" (the land of the dead)...
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Io satellite has more volcanic activity than any other body in the Solar System. The volcanoes fracture their silicate cortex and discharge different...
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« ¿Cuánto mide la costa de Gran Bretaña? todo depende de aquello que desechamos en la medición, porque al ir contando cada vez con más precisión, debemos añadir el contorno de bahías, rocas, granos de arena, y así hasta niveles subatómicos »
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