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Explore mathematical fractals easily with Explorador FF:

It is an intuitive tool easy to use for users that explore fractals for the first time. You will just use your mouse to explore the image, what makes you forget about formulas and focus on discovering and enjoy.

Besides, it is very versatile as it allows users that wish an advanced use to do so by modifying the parameters of the 56 different algorithms available. This permits the user to experiment and create infinity of variations of the original fractals.

It has a registration system to save your favourite zones, which lets you to get back to the localization of certain area inside the fractal and continue exploring or share it with other users through a system of exporting/importing parameters.

You will create amazing high quality images to use as wallpaper or screensaver, or simply to enjoy and amaze yourself observing the fractals that hide within.

Explorador FF is free and at least 9074 people have tried it. Download it here!


Interactive exploration

Interactive exploration

   Advanced settings of parameters

Advanced parameters setting

Parameters export and import

Exporting/importing parameters

   Quality control with antialiasing filter

Quality control with anti aliasing filtering

Explorador FF stands out because it is a very versatile application due to its large number of settable algorithms. This feature gives you infinite possibilities to explore fractals never seen before.

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« La madre naturaleza no asistió a clases de geometría en el instituto ni leyó los libros de Euclides de Alejandría. Su geometría es irregular, pero tiene una lógica propia y fácil de comprender »
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