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Fract Finder's intro image What does this image inspire you?

Most people will discard it, but some of you will be interested enough to read this text. Be one or the other, I'm sure almost nobody will wonder what does its shapes, colours mean or how was it drawn...

Well, for those of you who might not know, this image is more than a pretty or ugly picture, it is a graphic that represents numeric data, moreover, it is the visual manifestation that allows to interpret an iterative process similar to those that define the roughness of a tree's bark, its ramifications, a ray's trajectory, the brain's convolutions, the location of stars and galaxies, and many other things...

This is Fractal Geometry, a good mathematical approximation to understand the real geometry inside natural structures and the complex phenomena that shape them.

You can learn more here:

This website tries to let the internauts become acquainted with the concept of fractal geometry in a simple way. In order to do so, the introductions on fractales and chaos offer a general view with intuitive examples easy to understand.

If you are interested in art, here you will learn the exclusive features that differ fractal geometry from other kinds of digital art. Besides, you will access a twelve-piece-collection at high resolution available for their printing at high quality.

Inside galleries you can see 354 incredible examples of what fractals hide inside themselves. If you want to create your own fractal images you can use the software Explorador FF, get it for free in the link downloads.

Send your discoveries to gallery of users and collaborate to build a great library where other users can obtain the parameters of the most interesting areas of each fractal.

If you want to get deeper into fractals you can visit the laboratory, where you will find easy procedures to calculate fractals, as well as thourough explanations of formulas that draw them and instructions to manage complex numbers.

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Julias aleatorios
Julias aleatorios (Nova - Julia householder)
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Fractal image
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